Teambuilding in Thrill Park Prague

If you are looking for adrenaline, non-typical and original Teambuilding...Thrill Park is for you!

3 Different Team Building Activities in the center of Prague


This is the team bonding not jsut a teambuilding!

We know it's hard to come up with original team building ideas. That's why Thrill Park Prague is your perfect match. We specialize in delivering lasting memories through adrenaline and fear. Altought not a typical Prague Teambuilding Company, we have had visitors from all over the world.

We will tailor the Event to your needs

Some people prefer teambuilding that includes games and others require more adrenalin and action. We've got both options covered. For the braver ones we have the Dungeon of Horror. The Ultimate Horror Experience. For the softer ones we got two experiences in virtual reality.

What to expect from team building activities in Prague Thrill Park?


Test your courage and leadership skills. You willl have to walk throgh the dark dungeon in the teams of up to 5 members. It's just you, darkness and some living things inside. Can you handle that?

Fun and Emotions

Prepare for some serious screaming. Holding each other by the hands is normal. As well as seeing your colleagues in very awkward situations. But in the end, you will all have a great laugh watching yourself scared. Some photos and videos are included, so make some space on your whiteboard!


You will have to cooperate, communicate and help each other. Our attractions require teamplay, no space for lone wolfs. This is the opportunity to harmonize and synchronize your team.

Team Bonding

Get to know each other better! The mixture of adrenaline and fear will help you to get more familiar with each other. Seeing your colleagues in stressful situation or screming is the perfect ice-breaker!

We had our teambuilding here yesterday and had an awesome time. the whole crew is super professional and organized. Everything went well and we had a blast. They took very good care of us and gave us the best customer experience. Thank you :) If you like the thrill and getting scared please go and check it out, so far one of the best haunted houses i have been too!

Lets us help you create THE CRAZIEST EVENT FOR YOUR TEAM!

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