Best Hen Night in Prague

So it’s official: your best gal pal has found her Prince Charming and is preparing for a life of idyllic, luscious, domestic bliss in his loving arms….how romantic! Beautiful!

....There’s just one tiny little detail... Prince Charming is most probably a BOY!! Yes, that’s right. Boy. Male. And this puts a totally different perspective on the situation, doesn’t it? Six letters, ladies, spelled out loud and clear: D.A.N.G.E.R.

In fact, we all agree that if your girl is serious about this whole wedding thing, she will need some serious ninja training in the arts of battling monsters - slimy laundry, smelly dishes...even babies! This is serious, ladies. Doing body shots off male strippers and drinking copious amounts of beer just won’t cut it! We need to bring out the big guns and give her some real training in terror, because we all know what happens after the big wedding party, don’t we? That’s right: cleaning up!!!

Yes yes, we need her to experience something so horrific, so abominable, so absolutely paralyzing...that after that she will either give up this silly idea of marriage and get back on Tinder, or get some real thick skin and become prepared for married life, motherhood, annoying in-laws...the lot!!

And what is there so horrible that we can put her through, you ask? Something worse than Champion League tele-marathons...worse than a bathroom with permanently misplaced toilet-lid….Something horrible enough to change lives and make once-in-a-lifetime memories for you all? Why, only Thrill Park Prague, the ultimate bachelorette party destination in Prague!!!

Now look closely as we give you some of the best activities for hen parties you will find in Prague. These are guaranteed to pump adrenaline, create lasting memories and turn your gathering into the legendary hen party of the century!!!

But in reality, a Prague stag do can be so much more! It can be an adrenaline-packed, exciting, adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime experience; a real chance to live it up and convince your ill-fated friend that a life of adventure is indeed worth it - not too late to change his mind! Think about it - at Thrill Park Prague, we have three fun-filled Stag Party Ideas to get you started:

#1: Dungeon of Horror.

The famous Prague Haunted House that has driven 800+ people to despair, screaming “I’m a chicken!” Take your hen girl down there and give her a taste of what she’s signing up for: dark, screaming and slimy creatures in every corner! If this doesn’t change her mind, nothing will: Disney has ruined her mind forever. Hope you’re strong enough to go down with her!

#2: VR Escape Game

Let’s face it, there’s only so much a girl can take until she needs to Escape from a tricky situation- and fast! When she’s stuck at home, and hubby is hogging up the living room with his mates for FIFA, her sisters will need to help her Escape! This VR Escape Game prepares you for that: you will all be sitting down together with VR glasses, using your hands and words to cooperate with each other, solving riddles and puzzles. Lets hope you Escape the Psycho Killer who is baying for your blood!

#3: VR Zombie Shooting

Target practice! Time to practice throwing the husband all the things he will be forgetting before leaving the house - keys, phone, briefcase, basketball, garbage, baby..ahem. But seriously, shooting things is almost a mandatory stag and hen party activity that teaches people to vent in a healthy way...and at Thrill Park Prague you can milk it for all it’s worth! Shoot unlimited zombies in Virtual Reality, on our unique Virtualizer machine that allows you to walk and even run while shooting. One player, 15 minutes - all you can kill!


And, if you feel extra pumped and would like to try all three activities for stag and hen parties in Thrill Park Prague, we could arrange it for you. Just contact us via phone, email or messenger, and our zombies will happily help you plan your doom! Happy Scaring, Ladies!!


“But why?” you ask. “Why go get scared at Thrill Park when we are in Prague, the city where the beer flows like wine, where the beautiful women are all around?? Of all stag-do destinations, the Prague area is surely ideal that way!”

And that is true, except you are missing one key ingredient: excitement, adrenaline, danger! Yes, you want your stag party events to be about drinking and partying - that’s why you chose Prague for your stag do holidays - but you also want it to be about having unforgettable experiences in the company of your friends. A stag do in Prague is where you look for the most unique things to do and places to stay!

Above all else, this stag party is the last time you will all get to hang out together as single lads - your chance to all go completely crazy and celebrate your freedom together! And what better way to do this than provoking an early death….um, we mean, spending some thrilling nights out...for example, in our Dungeon of Horror?

Now if any man goes missing in Prague during this stag party...we warned you. You entered at your own risk!! What happens in the Dungeon, stays in the Dungeon.

Scare you soon!


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