The Most Scary Experience in Prague - Thrill Park's Haunted House

Choose From 3 Different Haunted Experiences


Scary Dungeon of Horror

Enter the underground of old prague horror house, where horrible things happen.
Can you face the EVIL that lurks there and SURVIVE?


Mysterious Escape Game

Dive into the mind of a psychopath, find the clues and cooperate in VIRTUAL REALITY.Can you solve the mystery?


Zombies in Virtual Reality

Shoot your way out of a zombie apocalypse inside the most advanced VIRTUAL REALITY machine in Europe.
How many can you kill?

Ultimate Haunted House Experience

Mad experience!

"So my advice would be to bring a pair of spare underwear because you'll s*it your pants :D It's definitely a must-do item on a list once visiting Prague. At first, you are lead to a super dark room and it takes a while before your eyes will adjust to that so you are basically at pitch black hall and have no clue what's about to happen to start with :D I'm obviously not gonna give it all away in here but be sure you'll shout your lungs out. The whole way you are being guided by little-led lights so you won't get lost, also get ready for some live interaction with monsters ;)" Uknown surivor, TripAdvisor

Scariest and most realistic experience ever!!

"Visited here with my partner, it was by far the scariest and most realistic experience we've ever had! Actors are amazing as well as reception staff all playing their part to make your experience 110% fantastic from the very moment you walk in. Mental and physical challenge the whole way through. Absolutely do it!! " Samatha, TripAdvisor

Scariest experience EVER!

"Absolutely terrifying but amazing experience. An must do for anyone visiting Prague! You won’t experience anything like it anywhere else!" Lynz, TripAdvisor

Absolutely fab experience!!

"Randomly decided to try out Prague's Thrill Park Haunted House Experience after finding reviews on TripAdvisor. Would definitely recommend the dungeon experience, it's not for the faint hearted! The best thrill experience we've had to date, so much detail and soo.. SPOOKY!! If you fancy something different, go here!! Just make sure you use the bathroom before you enter ." Charlene, TripAdvisor

Not for the faint hearted

"Did the haunted house experience with my 18 year old son, who kept pushing me in front of him !!!! No overlt physical (I am 52) but does require a combination of crawling in confined spaces, climbing over obstacles, feelign around rooms for escape routes, pushing through obstructions, all in absolute darkness, with sudden very loud noises and flashing lights, hands grabbing at you, people jumping out at you and all the while having to maintain physical contact with the people you are doing it with. Gets the heart rate pumping !!!!" Jason, TripAdvisor


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