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What is Thrill Park Theme Park about?

We have decided to open the long time abandoned House in the city center of Prague and turn it into the adrenaline Amusement Park. That's how Thrill Park was born. We are scaring the hell out of Prague visitors since 2017. Don't expect some cheap amusement park or club. This is intense, adrenaline-packed and haunted Amusement Park. You will scream, laugh and you will love it. Dare to come? Let's explore...

The Different level of Amusement

Thrill Park is the most intense Horror Experience in Prague, Czech Republic. The main experience, the “Dungeon of Horror” is a dark labyrinth where victims must use all their six senses to survive from various monsters and challenges. Thrill Park is unique in that it is focused almost exclusively on horror and adrenaline, not so much on riddles or puzzles. It is not another “escape game” like the dozens that now exist in Prague - it is an immersive horror experience that incorporates vision, sound, smell and touch to disturb people deeply, to the core. Visitors will encounter physical challenges and obstacles which they will have to overcome by crawling, climbing or squeezing through small spaces. Visitors will also be tested emotionally and mentally by all kinds of touches and voices that surround them, as they struggle to find their way in the dark. The Dungeon is not for the faint of body, or for the faint of heart. People with physical disabilities, pregnancy, asthma or severe claustrophobia are not ideal victims, and the same goes for children under 15. The Horror experience is designed for healthy adults who are interested in having a more unusual and unique experience in Prague - people who have had enough sightseeing and are now ready for an original adrenaline-packed activity, which will create long-standing memories from their trip.

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Best experience and 5 star service!

"I dont usually write reviews, but this place offered both an outstanding experience and service which is no wonder it gets 5/5 on tripadvisor. Unfortunately we did not try the dungeon but did the solve and shoot experience which was a lot of fun. The reason im giving a 5 star is due to the amazing service provided by Michael who stayed opened an HOUR later so our group could try the whole experience (genuinely feel bad as we did not realise they had shut, as Michael did not rush us and wanted to give us the best experience). The zombie shoot is highly recommended, had lots of fun. Will definitely be back next time with braver souls to tackle the dungeon!! A MUST Visit if you are in prague!!! " Phillip, TripAdvisor

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